The majority of our products are “private label” products for large chains and hypermarkets, however our constantly developed “own brands” are also available nationwide.

Manufacturing of chilled desserts (or cheese cake bars) takes place since 1996, our private label, own label and first price products are available at most Hungarian supermarket chains, retailers and wholesalers. Among the classic unfilled, strawberry and apricot flavours, we have developed plum, lime, cherry brandy, floating isles (vanilla custard), banana, tiramisu, coconut, sour cherry and marzipan flavours. The most recent developments enrich the chilled bars with added vitamins and real dried fruit pieces.

Our non-chilled dessert range includes such as a variety of chocolate covered dried fruits and fruit bars made from 95-100% dried fruit. The chocolate covered fruit range includes dried plum, dried apricot, candied orange peel as well as honey dipped banana chips, all covered in rich dark chocolate with high cocoa content.

The 100% fruit bars and chocolate covered desserts are also available under private label and our brand SunVita are at most Hungarian supermarket chains, retailers and wholesalers. Furthermore, we export and import goods as well.

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