Established in 1990, Iwinex Ltd. started as a family-run trading company. By 1996 the business has expanded to a manufacturer of chilled cheesecake bars. Mainly as a “private label” producer for large chains and hypermarkets, and our constantly developed “own brands” under SunVita brand name are also available at wholesalers, retailers and most chains nationwide.

Since 2000 our product range has expanded, so above the chilled cheesecake bars we are also manufacturers of non-chilled desserts, such as a variety of chocolate covered dried fruits and fruit bars made from 95-100% dried fruit. The chocolate covered fruit range includes dried plum, dried apricot, candied orange peel as well as honey dipped banana chips, all covered in rich dark chocolate with high cocoa content.

Our high-tech horizontal ‘form-fill-seal’ pouch machine, the Laudenberg FBM050 simplex packaging line was installed in 2009. It is capable of packing pouch bags / doy bags and pillow bags with re-sealing option. There is additional capacity on the line for co-packing dry food products such as dried fruits and nuts, also pulses or legumes.

The newest instalment of ours is an individual wrapping machine, which is capable of wrapping piece goods, such as a piece of dried fruit, chocolate covered dried fruit, or bars. The machine is capable of running on very high beat per minute, which facilitates wrapping of even 300 pieces per minute. This machine also has available capacity for contract packaging.
Iwinex Ltd treats all food industrial innovations a challenge, and drives many development initiatives as well. Visiting international food shows encourage innovative attitude, also provides opportunities to strengthen and broaden our international food network relationships.

The modern facilities, the long-term experience of our 65 skilled and permanent colleagues and the high-tech machines guarantee that high quality products come off the lines. Iwinex Ltd. can boast of achieving “Higher Level” for four consecutive years on the SGS / IFS (International Food Standard) annual audits.

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