Sunvita 10x15g Fruit Bars (bag)

SunVita Fruit Bars

10x15g bars individually wrapped in strawberry, blackberry, apple, red berry mix and tropical flavours

Fruit bars are made of 100% dried fruit.
No added sugar, contains sugars naturally occurring in fruits
No artificial flavour, sweetener or colour
Dietary fiber source
15g bar= min. 80g fresh fruit
Each bar is one of your five a day
Practical snack packaging - just ‘grab and go’

"The heathy range of fruit bars aim the health conscious customers, as the fruit bars have no added sugar or any artificial colouring, yet they are a healthy snack on the go. The fruit bars are recommended for everyone concerned with nutrition, or who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is also an ideal treat for children as a substitution for sweets, or for the ones leading an active lifestyle; and for patients with diabetes or pregnancy diabetes. Furthermore, each fruit equals to a minimum of 80g fresh fruits, which is one of your daily recommended five fruit portions.

The bars are currently available in blackberry, plum, apricot, red berry mix, strawberry, apple, tropical, raspberry, apple&pear, apple&blueberry and fig flavours; however, we are developing new flavours, such as cranberry, banana and mango. Moreover, upon customer request we are capable of including supplements with health benefits such as L-carnitine and vitamins."


Country of origin: Hungary
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage: cool and dry place
GMO free 

Logistics SunVita - Fruit Bar 10x15g
Article code 0601111
EAN code 5999538141260
Unit per case 10 multipack tasak
Cases per pallet 200
Pallet type EUR
Cases per layer 20
No of Layers 10
Dimensions (mm) -
Gross Weight (gram) 157
Dimensions (mm) 150
Dimensions (mm) 280x140x135
Gross Weight (kg) 1,63
Nett Weight (kg) 1,50
Pallet Height (cm) 150
Gross Weight (kg) 362
Nett Weight (kg) 300

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