Modern packaging technology is the key to market growth, not only in quality guarantee, but it also increases sales with promotion. With regarding to the above, we installed two modern, high-tech packaging lines at our plant. 

Our Laudenberg FBM050 simplex packaging line features a high-tech horizontal ‘form-fill-seal’ pouch machine. It is capable of packing pouch bags/doy bags and pillow bags with re-sealing option. There is additional capacity on the line for co-packing dry food products such as dried fruits and nuts. . 

Facilities - The following options are available for contract packaging:

  • Individual packaging of piece goods, such as bars or pieces of fruits
  • Pouch bag/doy bag and pillow bag sizes - width: 45-180 mm (1.57”-7.09”)
    length: 50-250 mm (1.77”-9.84”)
    weight: 100g – 500g
  • Case
  • Laminated cardboard
  • Offset printed carton cases
  • Trays, shelf ready cases
  • Display units
  • Shrink wrap
  • Palletising

Our modern facilities offer slider zipper application to enable re-sealing the pouch after opening; we can facilitate economic pouch storage by euro punch. Our equipments are also capable of inserting gas in an automatic process if requested. Furthermore, our skilled staff are flexible and open to any individual requests or requirements.

Our chocolate enrobing line and cooling tunnel has additional capacity as well, enabling us to cover individual products in chocolate.
The newest instalment of ours is an individual wrapping machine by the Swiss-Italian ILAPAK group The machine is capable of wrapping piece goods, such as a piece of dried fruit, chocolate covered dried fruit, or bars. The machine is capable of running on very high speed, which facilitates wrapping of up to 300 piece goods or bars per minute. This machine also has available capacity for contract packaging.
Finally we can carry out test runs of smaller volumes. Manual or semi-automated kit/display building is also an option. We can tailor the line to match your individual requirements.

MACHINERY – New & modern equipment:

  • Separate units for product preparation including staging areas to get bulk into a proper form for the scales
  • 14 headed scale: High accuracy, 14 heads unique scale to provide constant equal quantities of product to fill each bag automatically. 
  • Horizontal ‘form-fill-seal’ pouch machine: Performs forming, filling and closing of the bags. 
  • Printer: Prints the date and identification codes on the bags. 
  • Checkweigher: Checks the weight of the finished bags. 
  • Metal detector: Ensures ferrous items can be detected 
  • Basic laboratory equipments to check weight, to measure moisture content and water activity

Benefits of our co-packing facilities:

  • Maintaining fill weight 
  • Guaranteed quality assurance
  • Low wastage of packaging material
  • Modern packing form following new marketing trends
  • Our skilled team can ensure flexible and fast production

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